A great day

Having publicly stated that I was heading out to Parkrun this morning – it was pretty clear that I was going to have to go.  I had the usual night woes with the youngest  meaning that I was a little tired when the morning came, but I was ready and determined.  Northampton Parkrun is now so busy that on average there are over 500 runners each week, whilst this is amazing it also means that the 50 or so parking spaces are gone very quickly.  I got round this by arriving nice and early.  Always prepared I took my shredded wheat in a soup pot and a flask of tea.  To top it off I took my book (Hurrah for Gin).  Now for me this constituted quality me time.  I got to eat in peace and chill out.  Even better I discovered that my step brother was on his way.  I used to run with Martyn so it was amazing to get started again with him there.

Just before the start we met with Mary and I was confident that she would help me to stay positive and push me along.  I love running with Mary.  She not only inspires me to run, but she is really motivational for me.  She will read this and be thinking -“I don’t do anything”  But I know that she encourages me whilst allowing me to know my own limits and supports me in making the right decisions.  I also really want to be able to run like her so I won’t quit when she is about.

The first lap was ok and I ran it all.  I was fairly confident that the first 3km would be achievable as I have been running this sort of distance in the week.  In fact the second lap wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I did walk a few times but I kept going and did much better than I thought.  And then Parkrun fever kicked in.  I saw someone and fixed on them.  I was determined not to let her finish before me and that alone meant that I couldn’t stop.  I think this is the reason that I love Parkrun so much, it is motivational and inspiring.    I was out there today thinking that I’d do 38 minutes and this would be a crap time, but there were lots of people behind me that were going to finish much after that and they were proud to get their times – and I am in awe of them,  they are out there doing it.  Kudos and snaps.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my aim to run it in 38 minutes went straight out the window.  I smashed it finishing in an official time of 33.25m  Whoop whoop.

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To top it off I took George out today as he really wanted a medal of his own.  He ran 1km with me and was so excited.  I can’t wait to run with him some more.  He is going to be chuffed to bits when his medal arrives.

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