It is working

Stanley is still refusing to sleep properly, but that is the down side to having children.  And he is cute so I have to forgive him.  When I woke up on Thursday I decided that I needed to go out and have a run.  Partly because I wanted some me time and because actually running sometimes wakes me up a bit.

I was quite excited to get going but was immediately thwarted by quite a strong headwind.  It made pushing the buggy really quite hard and not all that enjoyable.  I just kept reminding myself that buggy running is really hard but it is a bit like hill running.  It is great for improved strength.

After Tuesday’s run I thought that I was going to struggle with the 5 minute runs, but I actually found myself getting into my stride and pushing forward and it felt really good.  I passed a couple of people who said “Good Morning” and I felt really quite smug.

Unfortunately just as I was getting into my stride for the second long run my phone rang and interrupted the music/instructions.  I had to pause everything and take the call.  It was my neighbour calling about the development that is taking place behind our house.   The tractor that was destroying all of the trees and scrub land was way too close to the protected badger sets and she needed me to call the rural crime officer.  Although I tried to continue my run after this it was really tough as I had to make further calls and was keen to get home and see what was happening.  I did finish the run but I stopped trying to time it and didn’t concentrate.  On the up side, after a week of pestering the guys with the big tractor walked off site and refused to carry on with their work as they got so annoyed with our constant badgering (if you pardon the pun)

I resolved to go to parkrun this week but didnt mention it on facebook until the morning as I actually wanted to run by myself.  I wanted to put my 90s tunes on and see what I could do.  As it turned out I met a few people there anyway.  Including Martyn and Mary, who was trying out her running buggy.   I had had a reasonable nights sleep and was looking forward to parking up and reading my book before the start, however when I arrived I was met with the scene below.  The already inadequate carpark was blocked by a large van with a flat tyre.  Instead of reading I chuckled to myself as car after car tried to maneuver around it.  After a while it became clear that another van was stuck behind it and needed to get out.  Along with a fair few big men we realised that the handbrake on the van had been left off and we pushed it forward enough to allow better access and free the other van – much to the driver’s delight.  I wonder if it is still there!!!

I forgot to take my watch so I was really running blind this week and decided that all I wanted to do was run it all with no walking this week.  I felt quite strong to start with but then worried that I was going to run out of puff.  I kept chuckling to myself that I had had a teaspoon of peanut butter before I left and that this was fuelling me to victory.  At about the right time I spotted my friend Jo and realised that we were running at about the same place.  This was great as it meant that I could allow here to set the pace and just try not to lose her.  I really wanted to walk after about 4 km but pushed through it.  I even saw Martyn was not that far ahead and wanted to try to overtake him on the line.  Unfortunately he saw me and sped up!.  In the end I raced another lady to the line and actually managed to pass Jo.  I felt great to have run it all regardless of the time.  So that was a bonus – 1 minute off last week.   And all of a sudden my need to get a sub 30 is back.  Next weeks aim is to get a sub 32 and we will work from there.

Parkrun #23   Official time: 32.17    Total Weight loss: 18lbs

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